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Our Service


Cabling and Relocation

Professional Data. Voice & site cabling design, implementation and menagement. We can handle cabling on scale of SMB, SME, Enterprise and Campus.


Flexible and rapid IT relocation for end user computer, network device, server equipment and rack cabient.

Non-office hour complete relocatoin and minimize production down time for the customer.

Cabling and Relocation

IT Support and Consulting Service

Provide flexible and reliable IT Support Plan suitable for different cusotmer.

Purpose professional IT suggestion and advise to improve business, education and applicaiotn on information world.

Enhance work flow, troubleshoot and analysis complex IT issues.

IT Support and Consulting Service

CCTV and Acess Control

Real-TIme monitoring, recording and playback fecution of CCTV surveillance project.

Provide physical access control and attendance feature to restrict and record people access.

Suitable for comapny, POS, eduction, property management different area.

CCTV & Access Control

Network and Security Solution

Provide managable, monitor and scalable network solution on both wired and wirless network.

Against malware, spyware and ransomware solution on the netwowrk level and endpoint area.

Project end user critical data, privacy and business on the world. 

Provide WORK FROM HOME solution against Covid-19 threat.

Network and Security Solution

Cloud & Virtualization Solution

Provide On-Premise and Hybrid Cloud solution for next generation information world.

Centralized management, scalable secure and reliable cloud service.

Minimize hardware and energy saving on Virtualization and Hyper Converged Infrastructure.

Cloud & Virtualization Solution

IP Phone and Video Conference Solution

On COVD-19, Video Conference solution can continue business and contact global meeting on safety area.

Provide a conference room equpment and telephony solution for deifferent scale environment and industy.

IP Phone System provide call hunting, recording, IVR (Interactive Voice  Response) and monitoring feature.

IP Phone and Video Conference Solution
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